New Paintings, and 2 New Ugly People…

•June 27, 2008 • 2 Comments

Here’s the latest update on the static art front.

These are two recent watercolor paintings, one of which was inspired by an absolutely ABSURD barbie doll I saw recently, and the other happened after I found some photographs of dental surgery mistakes that I thought would make nice landscapes.

The other two are a couple of new very ugly people drawings.

I hope you enjoy, and I would love to hear feedback.

Thank you.

Titles (in the order they are pictured here): “Dental Landscape with Rainbow”, “Life-Size Barbie with Exploding Face”, “Boy Refusing To Remove His Costume”, “Very Ugly Person Showing Teeth”



KVETCH (3 videos)…

•June 23, 2008 • 2 Comments

Here are three videos from KVETCH, my Electro-Pop Lip-Sync Operusical.

It was based on Steven Berkoff’s play, and directed, designed & composed by myself.

The characters sang everything that they felt they could not say out loud. They sang their kvetches.

The choreography was by Rebecca Siegel.

The only color in the set was the cleaning products lining the towers under fluorescent lights and the sponges used as food. There was also plenty of gold beyond the knee pads, including a brightly glowing golden kitchen sink.

These are videos of three of the songs from the show, and I’ll put a description before each one. (they are not in show order)

The best way to watch these (although you certainly can watch them here) is to click on the YouTube page link that i will place under each video, and then click on “Watch In High Quality” (which is right under “Views” on the YouTube page).


This first one is Donna (the wife charcter) singing about her frustrations with her sex life. She begins this song after a failed attempt at sex with her husband Frank. The golden-knee-pad-clad chorus provides a bit of heat (especially at 3:31 in the video). (recorded singer = Alana Yurkanin)

The next is Frank (the husband) singing about his desire for his wife and mother-in-law to just “Shut Up”. (recorded singer = John Zirkle)

This third video is of an unspoken quarrel between Frank and George (a fellow salesman). (recorded singers = Adam Stone & John Zirkle)

La Dispute

•June 19, 2008 • Leave a Comment

As i guaranteed in my last post, here are the pictures from “La Dispute”, a play by Marivaux.

This production was directed and designed by myself.

The cast was Johanna Kasimow, Reid Prebenda, Seth Braley, Jane White, Rebecca Siegel, Ian Wrangham, Bryndon Tarafa, Chelsea Schmidt, Matt Palley and Jessica Canning.

How many times will I ever again have a good reason to make a bathtub glow fluorescent blue

(click pictures to see bigger and brighter)

Upcoming Work…

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On the subject of upcoming shows:

“The Fever” by Wallace Shawn, starring Rebecca Siegel, directed by myself, July 5 & 6.

February 2009, i will be composing for a new musical (quite non-traditional) created with the Buntport Theater Company in Denver, CO.

May 2009, I will be composing for a new show in Massachusetts, the title of which has yet to be announced.

I have also signed on for a project in fall 2009, but will give more details as the project approaches.

There are more in the works for the time before and in between these, and as they come, I will post them here. Also, as each of those above draw near, I will announce specifics, and i hope you will be able to attend.

Ashes to Ashes…

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I was looking through some of my photos recently, and decided i should post the ones from “Ashes to Ashes”, by Harold Pinter (taken by Bill Starr).

I directed/designed this a year ago, as well as writing an original score. It starred Rebecca Siegel and Daniel Joeck.

I have now begun work on shows for next spring. I will post the information regarding those tomorrow, as well as photos from “La Dispute” (the play before KVETCH).

(click the pictures to see them bigger)

Two new Ugly People (paintings)…

•June 16, 2008 • 1 Comment

Yes, the title is quite accurate. Here in this post are two new paintings of very ugly people.

One is a boy & one is a girl.

They seem to have hurt themselves.

I think they want you to see.

(click the pictures for larger versions)

Plug In The Mains… (video)

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Well, as promised in my last post, here is the video from my dance “Plug In The Mains…(You Get My Heart Started)”.

This dance was directed & designed by myself, and choreographed by Alicia Puleo, me, and the Post-Mortem Dance Laboratory.

The music is by Get Shakes. The song is “Sister Self Doubt”.

There are a few exceptional bloody moments later on in the piece which I am eternally grateful my camera operators were able to capture.

Enjoy. (by the way, the feast begins at 3:25)